Being a creature having a tremendous physical endurance and a slender body is wonderful. Having a mind and soul which are free and superior to every other mind and soul is fantastic. Here arise inebriating feelings and thoughts. They are different from every other feeling and thought which arise within other people. The thoughts pay homage, admire and spread the feeling of superiority, perfection and of being worthful into the deepest of the soul. Intensive feelings of delight can arise falling the whole being with a happiness so overwhelming that ordinary people barely can understand it, or even less imagine how it feels.

Imagine being such a persevering, slender creature with a superior mind where wonderful feelings of delight can arise growing to overwhelming happiness. Would not that be fantastic? Yes, that would be fantastic. I know it because I am this creature.

My mind and soul live in my perfect body my body and soul are one, a fantastic coalescence. The person I am makes me perfect, simply because my thoughts and feelings say so, and since they do that, it has to be so.

I am never critical to myself. How could I be that? Accordingly, I have no negative thoughts about myself, but that is not to say I cannot be sad and unhappy, because I can. I can be very, very sad, despaired and unhappy, but when I am, it is not because of myself, but the world around.

Most other people have social relations and paid jobs. These things are important to them, I have understood, but to me they are not. I have not at all ever got any job. Is not that fantastic being thirty years old and never have been working. I have never been working because I hate duties and obeying other people. Most people appreciate going to their works, but I cannot understand how they can cope with that day by day. Obviously, by nature they are slaves. I myself have to be some kind of high-standing person, someone who is provided and served by society instead of serving society. It is wonderful being someone who is not part of society, but instead standing outside it. Yes, I stand outside society, I stand far, far over it.

Neither social relations take up my time. I think most people are vacant, and as grown-up I have never had any friends or even less any boyfriend. I have never been intimate to a man, since who really would be good enough to someone like me? But I am able falling in love. I do not fall in love easily since only few men attract me. But when I fall in love, I really do it. Then nothing else matters compared to the love, and never ever else are my feelings so strong as then.

My writing here is going to be about everything that interests me. Most other people who writes have nothing of importance to say, but I have endlessly much to say. So I will write about my interests which amongst other things are running and sun and bath. But I am also going to write about such things that are very important that other people be aware and enlightened of, which is the animals and their rights to regard. How animals are treated in the world, amongst other things within slaughter and within animal testing is the greatest injustice and moral wrong in society. Of course I am also going to write  about how it is to be someone like me, so different to other people, so superior to other people!



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