The most wonderful place

In the world there are beautiful places and I would like to see and experience all of them. There are beautiful, white beaches where I would want to lie basking, caressed by the strong sunshine and by warm winds. When my body is heated up and dripping with perspiration I run out into the glittering, turquoise water and let the waves wash over me. I look out over the endless ocean. Behind me the beach is with its white sand and swaying palms. Everything is fantastic beautiful.

 There are ancient mountains formed by the course of time, and I would like to go there and be standing on rocks looking out over the magnificent landscapes of forests and vallies. I would wander down to the vallies and walk into the huge forests. 

 I dream about rocky, barren coastal landscapes. I would like to be there seeing and hearing the waves roaring and beating on the high rocks.

 I want to run with the wind over big sanddunes. I want to experience snowy mountains and plains that are blinding white in the sunshine. I want to experience the life of the jungle, feeling its moist air on my skin. I dream of living on places where human civilisation is distant. On a tropical island somewhere out in a big ocean where the sand is white and the waves are spuming and where the vegetation consists of luxuriant plants and swaying palms. There is plenty of fruit to eat. It really would be wonderful to live there, I imagine. The whole days basking on the beach and swimming in the turquoise water. Yes, that would be great. But to be there together with him would be wonderfully.

I dream of living in a small house in a barren coastal landscape where the mountains stand tall. Walking there hearing the ocean beating on the rocks and letting my mind and soul unite to the mighty, powerful elements of nature would be lovely. But to live there together with him would be fantastic. Walking there beside him would be wonderful.

 Sometimes I dream of living in a small cottage located in a snowy landscape. In the days watching the white plains of snow and in the night listening to the wind whining and the wolves howling would be great. It would be cold, but yet cosy huddling under blankets inside the cottage. But if he was there with me and I was surrounded by his arms it would be wonderful. 

 There are many places that I would like to go to. I have visited some beautiful places; Crete, Rome and Rimini in Italy, French Riviera, Barcelona, Miami, the beautiful islands Sardinia and Mallorca. Miami is a destination that has much to offer; a long sandy beach and a big exciting city full of luxury and activities. Miami is said to have high crime and lots of drugs, which by many people maybe is considered as something negative, but not by me. I am not attracted to drugs or things like that. And I do not have to be afraid of any criminals or anyone else if I am out going for a walk in the evening which one is warned to do alone in a city like Miami. I just have to run to get away. Which criminal or other person would be able to catch up with me? No one! 🙂 

 The Italian island Sardinia is very  beautiful. There are mountains that stand tall leaning down towards the turquoise, clear water. There are lots of luxury houses and villa in beautiful place Porto Cervo, and there are lots of big and beautiful boats in the harbour, many of them sailed there from other countries. It would be great to live there in one of the houses and in the days spending time on one of the big boats sailing out on the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. Lying there basking in the sun on the deck and then jump into the ocean and take a swim really would be great. I often dream of such lovely days, but if he would be there with me it would be wonderful. 

 I am longing for going to Hawaii and experience the jungle-alike vegetation, the high mountains and above everything the beaches and the huge waves. I would like to learn to windsurf there. It would be a glorious experience standing on a sailboard feeling the winds sweeping around me, but it would be wonderful, completely fantastic if he was standing there behind me.

 I want to visit Loch Ness – the lake located in Scotland. I am very fascinated by the Loch Ness – monster, Nessie as it is called. It is told that Nessie is a prehistoric animal which still is living there in the cold, deep lake since the time of dinosaurs, and sometimes has become glimpsed by people. The mere thought of that makes me excited. Just imagine how very exciting and thrilling it would be to be there in a small boat out on the lake waiting for Nessie to show up! But if he was there with me it would be fantastic wonderfully. No matter the place it would be fantastic everywhere if he was there with me. Nothing would be that wonderful as being in his arms, surrounded by his love. That would be the most wonderful place. 


Hell on Earth

The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, commonly referred to as Yulin Dog Meat Festival, is one of the most horrible and cruelest things that ever have exist. It is an annual ”celebration” held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice in which festival goers eat dog meat and lychees. The festival spans about ten days, during which 10 000 – 15 000 dogs and cats are consumed, but since 2013 the number has decreased due to protest campaigns. Throughout these ten days dogs are paraded in wooden crates and metal cages and are taken to be skinned and cooked alive for consumption of festival attendors and local residents. Slaughtering takes place in front of the live animals, usually with a club to induce the pain and fear that restaurant owners claim makes their adrenaline-rich meat tastier. 

Yulin describe the festival as a local custom that has cultural value and must be respected. These people’s feelings must be blunted and blocked. Seeing the animals frightened and suffering when they are beaten and then cooked alive, but yet going on doing it. Yes, that really must be horrible frigid or pure evil people who do such things. The evil personified. What is done to these dogs and cats can never be justified. Yulin and its people can not justify their festival by claiming that it is a custom and a part of their culture, nor can they claim that such cultural customs have value that has to be respected. Because it has not. Cultural norms and customs should not be respected if they are wrong. And they are always wrong if they imply cruelties. The Yulin Festival is a very good example of that cultural multiplicity should not be promoted and strived for or that cultural norms and customs should be kept alive. Cultures and religions are the cause to a lot of the cruelties in the world. 

If all people would strive for the right thing instead of following their cultures’ and religions’ directions and norms the world would be a much more peaceful and better place. It is very easy to decide what is the right things and ways. That is the alternative where no individual gets hurt. Does an individual get hurt by a cultural norm or custom, the custom is wrong and should be prohibited. It should not be prohibited because it, for example, is Islamic, Hindu, Christian, western et cetera, but because it involves detriments and hurt and treat individuals unfairly. Thus, that a cultural custom or norm should be prohibited has nothing to do with which culture or religion it belongs to, or which ethnical group that practices it. But instead it has to do with the fact that it is wrong. If someone is hurt by them such customs and norms must be considered wrong. NEVER RESPECT CRUELTIES AND THINGS THAT ARE WRONG!!! There is only one right culture, and that is the one where everybody – also animals – is treated good. Why do not all people realize that? Why are they not that clear-headed that I am? That’s pity. But no worries! They WILL realize what is right and wrong! 😼😼😼

The beautiful wolf

Today most of the human males are not strong and masculine. By own strength they can not do much things, but instead they need lots of means of assistance; weapons, money, technical inventions and other things. All these things have helped them gain domination over big parts of the world, but no matter how great their domination is; these men are not mighty and powerful. What are these so called ”mighty and powerful” men – for example presidents, prime ministers, successful businessmen and others – just being themselves? Not powerful and mighty. They would cut a poor figure and come off badly if their mental and physical strength and ability would be proved, since they do not possess either any exceptional authorithy or exceptional physical strength. The only thing that most of these modern men will do to is paperwork. This fact makes them so very different from the beautiful masculine males of the animal kingdom; lions, wolves, eagles. But then there is the werewolf. He is very masculine and beautiful. I think he is half man and half wolf. When I see him the Elf in me says: ”Goblin, look at the wolf. He is beautiful!”

The Goblin in me says: ”He is a beast of prey! He is an alpha wolf who certainly takes what he wants! And he eats flesh from animals! I don’t like that! I want to fight him!” 

Elf: ”I know, but he is also full of love. Don’t you see that?”

Goblin: ”I don’t want to see that! I don’t want to be like you, Elf, dreaming of him!”

Elf: ”But we have to allow ourselves to dream! We deserve that pleasure for making the world to a better place!”

Goblin: ”You are right! We deserve that pleasure! We deserve everything we want. We are the brilliant Goblin Elf!”

Elf: ”Let us dream and make believe that we are surrounded by his arms and touched by his love!” 💖 💖 💖 

Fairy World 

Why do people vote for unqualified persons to govern states and countries? Now recently in USA where people elected Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to candidates for the presidency, and then finally chose Donald Trump to president. I do not understand why people at all vote. How can anyone want to contribute to choose bad, unqualified leaders like all of the world’s political leaders are? That they are unqualified for governing a country is very obvious since they are like so many other people, having a narrow outlook; they do not pay attention to, or care about the most important issues; animal rights. They do not speak or act for the most exposed and oppressed beings; animals in slaughter and animal testing. They have the power to act against the oppression of these animals, but despite their power to prohibit that animals are exposed to systematic suffering, they do not do that. Instead they allow the animal oppression to go on. Certainly they share the general view on animals, which is that animals first and foremost exist in order to serve human interests and are not included in the moral sphere of regard. This blindness and indifference to living beings ‘ suffering that societies show are a big shortcoming which can not be ignored. It legitimatizes such injustices that the persons in authorithy all over the world can not be considered being appropriate for the positions of power that they have and to which people have chosen them. People should not vote for any candidate at all, but instead vote blank, and in that way show and point out how very unqualified candidates for the presidency and others are, and how wrong society is since these candidates and persons are blind for the biggest injustices and cruelties of the world. But obviously people and the general public are just as blind and ignorant as the persons in power. Indeed, people are not like me. I am the brilliant Goblin Elf who would never vote for someone like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush or anyone else of USA:s ex-presidents, and neither would I vote for persons like Angela Merkel, Stefan Löfven or other ”leaders” in the world. It is very obvious that these ex-presidents and other ”leaders” have not been qualified to make USA and the rest of the world to a better place. White men have not succeed to do that, neither have black men nor any woman, because they are unqualified. But a Goblin Elf would succeed to make the world to a better place. So, accordingly, I would vote for the Goblin Elf for President. If the Goblin Elf was President, she would make the world to a better place. A fair place. A Fairy world! If the Goblin Elf was President even just for a day she would act for the most exposed and oppressed ones; the animals, and make them entitled to rights. Rights to life. Rights to not have to be forced to suffer, which would involve that slaughter and animal testing would be forbidden. Everybody would have to be vegetarians and live of delicious food such as fruit, berries, vegetables, peanuts and chocolate; the food the Goblin Elf eats. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Of course it does!

 If the Goblin Elf was President, she also would act against all use of weapons, and work for liquidating of military forces. Do not ”leaders” and people all over the world realize that weapons and military forces only lead to violence and damages? The more dangerous weapons, the greater damages and death. All countries and states would have the use good of disarmament, and they should come to an agreement about total disarmament of military, and introduce weapons ban. In that way USA and the rest of the world would become a peaceful place for everybody. Yes, as everyone certainly realize USA and the rest of the world would be a fantastic place if the Goblin Elf was President. She would do the greatest changes ever. She would do what no ”leader” has had righteousness, courage and will to do. She would make the world to a Fairy World! 💖 

 However, soon or later Donald Trump and other ”leaders” and also the general public all over the world will realize that the Fairy World is the only right world to strive for. Just wait and see!

 But if the Goblin Elf would have been USA:s President she would not want to live in the White House in Washington, but instead in a white luxury villa on a beautiful beach in Florida! She would not have any security staff. The only one that she would have would be a huge wolf. He would be her bodyguard. He would be her everything! He is the only one she needs.💖💙💚💛💜❤

Den sanna, nakna hälsan – bra mycket snyggare än den nakna hälsan

De flesta människor verkar vara födda till soffpotatisar, men triatleten Jonas Colting hävdar dock att alla människor i grunden är löpare. Kanske har han rätt i det. Som internationellt framgångsrik atlet vet Jonas Colting nog en hel del om den mänskliga kroppen, dess förmåga, löpning och konditionsträning. Numera är Jonas Colting föreläsare, skribent, rådgivare och coach med träning och hälsa som sitt område. Men trots sin ”expertis” på området så vet han ju uppenbarligen inte allt om träning, kost och hälsa. Faktum är att han ännu inte har insett några av de viktigaste delarna. Men det är han ju inte ensam om, för flertalet människor verkar ju inte veta eller inse de enklaste saker angående kost och hälsa.
Men trots sina bristande insikter har Jonas Colting skrivit två böcker om ämnet, ”Jag vill ju bara se bra ut naken – din guide till fitness och hälsa” och ”Den nakna hälsan – den definitiva guiden till naturlig fitness och hälsa.” I dessa böcker hävdar Colting att den fysiska träning som främst bör prioriteras är träningen av kroppens viktigaste muskel, nämligen hjärtat. Det påståendet är helt rätt då hjärtat är motorn för all fysisk verksamhet. Alltså bör människor prioritera konditionsträning snarare än styrketräning på gym. Konditionsträning bygger ett starkt hjärta och grund för livslång hälsa, vilket inte styrketräning gör på samma sätt.
Människans historia är miljontals år gammal och under den tiden har den mänskliga kroppen, de anatomiska förutsättningarna, de fysiologiska systemen och rörelsemönstret formats. Skog, savann, stäpp, öken, sand, berg, klippor, strand och djungel har erbjudit ett ojämnt underlag med naturliga hinder. I den miljön utvecklade människan bland annat en förmåga att gå, springa, sprinta, hoppa, landa, klättra, åla, krypa, balansera och simma. Colting menar att alla människor är bärare av förfädernas gener som utvecklats under miljoner års fysisk aktivitet. Alla har de fysiska förutsättningarna till styrka, uthållighet och vitalitet om bara kroppen stimuleras på rätt sätt, hävdar Colting och menar vidare att uthållighet är en av de mest utpräglade egenskaperna hos människan. När människan sedan urminnes tider vare sig besatt snabbhet eller styrka i jämförelse med andra djur så utvecklades den mänskliga uthålligheten som kom att yttra sig i förmågan att kunna springa långt och länge och ha en utvecklad fettförbränning. Den evolutionära processen har alltså format människans genetik, och den mänskliga kroppen fungerar på samma sätt som den gjort i hundratusentals år. En människas kropp kräver fysisk träning för att fungera. Colting hävdar att det är löpning som format den mänskliga kroppen och varit nyckeln till överlevnad och utveckling. Det var genom sin löpförmåga och uthållighet som människan kunde konkurrera och överleva i en miljö där mer eller mindre alla andra djur var antingen snabba eller starka.
Alla människor är alltså födda till löpare, menar Colting, men skriver att löpning gör ont för väldigt många av dagens människor. För många medför löpningen smärta i fötter, knän, höfter och ryggar, men Colting menar att det inte är löpningens fel utan istället beror på att de flesta människor har varit stillasittande, passiva och är otränade innan de börjar springa.
Delvis har han nog rätt i det, men den största anledningen till att löpningen medför smärta för många är att de helt enkelt är för tunga. De flesta har för hög kroppsvikt vilket överbelastar deras fötter, knän, höfter och ryggar. Denna överbelastning och smärta som många upplever att löpningen medför har ingenting med vilka skor eller vilken hållning man springer med, såsom Jonas Colting hävdar. Nej, är man tillräckligt lätt i kroppen så blir den inte överbelastad och man drabbas inte av benhinneinflammationer, hälsporrar, löparknän och andra åkommor som drabbar den moderna ”löparen”. Det är enkel logik; en lätt kropp blir inte överbelastad för den behöver inte bära runt på onödig tyngd. Så följaktligen borde alla som vill uppleva njutningsfull löpning hålla sig lätta och smidiga som Trollälvan. Hon som är lätt som en fjäder!
I sina böcker tar Jonas Colting också upp kostens betydelse för god hälsa. Han skriver att människans förfäder, stenåldersmänniskorna, åt en kost som var oraffinerad och kom från naturens skafferi. Han hävdar att detta var stora mängder animaliskt protein och fett samt frön, frukter, rötter och bladgrönsaker som utgjorde basen för denna kost. Colting poängterar att stenåldersmänniskorna inte åt raffinerat socker, inga spannmål, margariner eller halvfabrikat. De åt inget av det som utgör den större delen av många människors kost idag. Det är den kosten som medverkat till att åtskilliga människor är överviktiga och sjuka och allmänt ohälsosamma, menar Colting och hävdar att man bör äta stenålderskost med mycket kött och grönsaker. Socker bör undvikas så mycket som möjligt och är enligt Colting orsaken till nästan alla kostrelaterade sjukdomar. Naturligt fett däremot ska människor inte vara rädda för, hävdar han och pekar på att det alltid har funnits närvarande i den mänskliga kosten, vilket inte socker har.
Själv äter Jonas Colting lågkolhydratkost. Han äter mer eller mindre enligt LCHF-metoden, en modifierad stenålderskost, hävdar han. Detta innebär att han äter grönsaker, frukt, nötter, kött, fisk och ägg, och mer eller mindre oförädlade mejeriprodukter, men sparsamt med spannmål, och knappt något socker alls. Han ser helst till att använda så rena produkter som möjligt i matlagningen, alltså inget hel- eller halvfabrikat. Han ser också till att ofta äta kött och fisk. Colting hävdar att kött och fisk är något av det naturligaste att äta och att det är hälsosamt och nyttigt. Han anser att vegetarianer och veganer gör fel som utesluter köttprodukter ur kosten på grund av ideologi, och säger att han själv aldrig tillskrivit djur mänskliga kvaliteter och rättigheter. Vidare hävdar han att naturens näringskedja visar att det är naturligt för vissa djur att äta andra djur.
Den som tagit sig ur trångsynthetens och det förgångnas dimmor inser naturligtvis att Colting har fel i mycket av det han säger om kost och ätande. Men uppenbarligen har de flesta människor inte gjort det. Ännu!
Hursomhelst, Jonas Colting, och säkerligen också många andra, är uppenbarligen rädda för socker. En vältränad stark man som Colting är alltså rädd för något så sött och uppiggande som socker! Tala om omanligt karaktärsdrag att vara rädd för lite sötma! Det är ungefär som att vara rädd för en kattunge eller hundvalp!
Socker är inget att vara rädd för. Det är inte farligt och det är inte det människor blir sjuka av, såsom Colting och många andra hävdar. Det är heller inte sockret i sig som människor blir överviktiga av som Colting tror. Det är när en människas totala kaloriintag överstiger den mängd energi hon gör av med som gör att hon blir överviktig vilket i sin tur lätt leder till sjukdomar som till exempel diabetes och hjärt- och kärlsjukdomar. Vad som alltså är av yttersta vikt för bibehållen god hälsa är att hålla sig mager som den briljanta Trollälvan. Hon som springer som vinden, lätt som en fjäder med ett starkt och friskt hjärta slående i bröstet.
Angående socker så är det något av det mest naturliga att äta. Socker är den primära energikällan. Socker finns naturligt i en mängd livsmedel såsom i till exempel frukt och grönsaker. Frukt är det mest naturliga för människor att äta; den är lättillgänglig, synlig för det mänskliga ögat med sina starka färger, och smaken är tilltalande. Vitt socker, så kallat raffinerat socker, är ”utplockat” socker. Det separeras från sockerbetor och raffineras till vit pulverliknande konsistens. Det hela kan liknas vid då saften pressas ur en apelsin. Var ligger faran i detta, Colting? Varför skulle sockret helt plötsligt bli farligt och ohälsosamt då det ”plockats” ur frukt och andra grödor? Nej, vitt socker i sig i rimliga doser är inte farligare eller ohälsosammare än det socker som naturligt förekommer i frukt och grönsaker. Det är ju samma ämne! En enkel kolhydrat! Den primära, mest naturliga energikällan!
Bara det att socker har en så tilltalande smak för människor är ett starkt bevis på att det är livsmedel med socker i, såsom till exempel frukt, som är naturligt för människor att äta och som människor är anpassade för att äta. Vad som däremot inte är naturligt för människor att äta är kött och fisk. Det är kött och fisk som folk borde låta bli att äta, istället för att vara rädda för livsmedel med socker och andra kolhydrater. Det finns många skäl till att utesluta kött och fisk ur kosten. Det främsta skälet är alla åtskilliga djurs lidande och förlust av sina liv. I det hänseendet att kött, fisk och kyckling innehåller mycket protein kan det kanske betraktas som nyttigt och uppbyggande, men det skälet kan inte rättfärdiga att djur lider och dödas. Det är inte rätt moraliskt sett. Många människor tillskriver inte djur rättigheter och rätt till hänsyn bland annat på grund av att de inte besitter de specifikt mänskliga egenskaperna såsom rationalitet, förnuft, hög grad av intelligens och moraliskt sinne. Men är det dessa egenskaper som ska avgöra huruvida en varelse ska visas hänsyn och tillskrivas rättigheter? Ska då människor med högre grad av rationalitet, intelligens och förnuft tillskrivas större hänsyn och rättigheter än människor som inte besitter dessa egenskaper i samma mått? Nej, naturligtvis inte. Det är inte dessa egenskaper som ska avgöra huruvida en varelse ska tillskrivas rättigheter och visas hänsyn, utan istället är det en varelses förmåga att lida och känna som ska avgöra detta. Men så mycket förstår uppenbarligen inte ignoranta personer som Jonas Colting och många andra med honom. Istället för att stanna kvar i det förflutna bör mänskligheten ta ett stort steg framåt i evolutionen och sluta att utnyttja och döda oskyldiga varelser för att få föda. Det vill säga att alla bör utesluta kött, fisk och dylikt ur kosten, och istället äta den rätta maten. Mänskligheten kan ju inte föralltid stanna på stenåldersstadiet. Utvecklingen måste gå framåt och inom områdena för kost och hälsa måste någon uppenbarligen leda den eftersom människor inte verkar förstå vad som är den rätta riktningen och den rätta kosten. Jonas Colting har inflytande inom områdena för kost och hälsa och skulle kunna driva denna utveckling, men uppenbarligen är han inte kapabel till att göra det, för han sitter fortfarande fast i det förgångnas trångsynthet. Han ser inte djur som värdefulla eller berättigade hänsyn på samma villkor som människor. Så inom områdena för kost och hälsa (och inom andra områden också för den delen) får det istället bli Trollälvan som leder evolutionen i rätt riktning. När allt kommer omkring är hon ett praktexemplar på hälsa och friskhet som hon underhåller med härlig löpning och underbar mat som frukt, grönsaker, choklad och jordnötter!
Trollälvan äter inte kött, för till skillnad från Colting och de flesta andra inser hon hur orätt och fel mot djuren det är. Dessutom vet hon att kött och fisk inte är naturlig föda för människor såsom Colting och andra så kallade ”hälso- och kostexperter” är övertygade om. Genom evolutionen har människor säkerligen ätit kött precis som Colting hävdar, men detta betyder inte att det är naturligt för människor att äta kött, eller att människan av naturen är jägare. För det är hon med största sannolikhet inte. Precis som Colting skriver i sina böcker så är människan och har aldrig varit snabb eller stark i jämförelse med andra djur, och detta innebär att hon var för långsam för att jaga ifatt de flesta djur och för svag för att fälla dem till marken och döda dem. För att kunna göra detta behövde och behöver människan använda vapen. Vapen är inte naturliga. Varken djur eller människor är födda med separata vapen som till exempel knivar, spjut, gevär eller dylikt att ta till.
Människan är alltså i grunden inte anpassad för att jaga och döda djur då hon varken är särskilt snabb eller stark i jämförelse med andra djur. Men däremot är människan smidig och har förmåga att klättra likt apor (som ju är den närmaste släktingen av andra arter), vilket tyder på att hon är född till att, utöver springa långa sträckor, också klättra i träd och plocka frukt, nötter och växter med sina händer, och detta i sin tur tyder på att det är denna typ av föda som är den rätta, naturliga och ursprungliga födan för människor snarare än kött, fisk och dylikt.
Hursomhelst, det mest övertygande beviset för att kött och fisk inte är naturlig föda är helt enkelt dess smak. I rått tillstånd är kött motbjudande. Knappast någon människa uppskattar eller tycker om smaken av rått kött såsom till exempel rovdjur gör. Detta tyder på att kött inte är naturlig föda för människor. Varför skulle människor vara födda och ”konstruerade” och anpassade till att äta något som är motbjudande i smaken och som dessutom kräver stora ansträngningar för människan med sina tillkortakommanden att få tag i? Inget annat djur äter något som de inte tycker om rent smakmässigt. Till exempel hästar äter inte växter som de inte tycker smakar bra. Frukt däremot som med största sannolikhet, tillsammans med en del andra livsmedel, är den rätta och naturliga födan för människor är sött vilket människor har en välutvecklad smak för. Dessutom har frukt genom evolutionen varit lätt att få tag på, den ”springer” inte iväg som ett djur, utan växer på träd eller liknande och är färdig att äta. Frukt, bär och även grönsaker och nötter är med andra ord redan fulländad av naturen. Denna föda behöver inte tillagas för att tilltala människans smaklökar, vilket är ett starkt bevis på att detta är naturlig föda för människor. Och frukt och många grönsaker innehåller enkla kolhydrater i form av socker. Så om frukt och grönsaker är naturlig föda för människor så är alltså också socker det, även det vita raffinerade sockret. Det är ju endast ”utplockat”, separerat från frukten eller grödan.
Angående kost, träning och hälsa har Jonas Colting rätt i sina påståenden på många områdena, naturligtvis har han inte fullständigt rätt. Det vill säga, han har inte kommit till fullständig insikt om vad som är rätt och fel. Vad han behöver göra är att förändra sin negativa syn på socker, detta fantastiska livsmedel! Istället för att avråda människor från att äta socker bör han istället uppmana dem till att hålla sig smärta och att inte äta kött, fisk och dylikt för god hälsa och ett gott samvete. Naturligtvis bör han själv följa det rådet. Han bör inte fortsätta äta som han gjort utan istället äta som Trollälvan, en fulländad kost baserad på frukt, grönsaker, nötter och choklad. Då uppnår han sann naken hälsa – bra mycket snyggare än endast naken hälsa!

Being caressed by the mighty master

Being caressed by him is wonderful. Lying on a coat feeling his touching affects me enormously. He touches me everywhere he can, and his touching is hot, so hot that it sometimes almost is burning, but yet it is wonderful. My whole body becomes warm. He chases away every feeling of coldness. I become warmer and warmer by his hot touching. I am sweating and I see my heart beating since whole my body begin to pulsate by the warmth. I am feeling united to him. No one can come closer me than he. No one can touch me like he does. In these moments I only live for him, to be touched by him, and it feels like if he exists only for me.

He is the sun, a mighty master who rules over every life. Everything is dependent on him. He gives warmth. He is the mightiest master that has ever existed and ever will do. The only true God. Not in any religion there is any God as mighty as he, the sun, Shamouti, as I call him.

I love the sun, the beautiful, huge ball of fire on the sky. I have dedicated my novel that I am writing, to the sun. In my novel he has the shape of a huge, golden bird but also of a wonderful, powerful man. Lying stretched out in the sun is one of the most wonderful things I know. The skin get a wonderful scent by the sun, sun-scent. To get as much as possible of the sunshine on me, I sun myself wearing only a pair of panties. That is to say I am sunning topless, both on balconies, on beaches here in Sweden and on beaches abroad.
In many countries, for example in many Catholic by the Mediterranean, it is considered being intolerable. But no one can be thinking it is intolerable that I am sunning myself without be wearing a bra. I have no big, grotesque breasts like many other women have. Instead mine are tiny and do not stir even when I am running. Many women want to have big breasts and many men want women who have big breasts. Some women even let operate silicon into their breasts in order to get them bigger. In Hollywood among famous female singers, actresses and other ones it is common. They have money and pay great amounts to get bigger breasts, which is completely unbelievable. How can they pay to get extra weight on their bodies? A weight that hops and jolts when they are moving. They just always have to be wearing a propping bra. I never ever need a bra, and I am never ever even wearing underwear. But bigger breasts and bigger buttocks maybe require propping up underwear.
However, I cannot understand that anyone wants to have big breasts or big buttock. What are they going to have them for? Only stupid cows need an udder. Stupid cows are not the four-legged cloven-hoofed animals. Stupid cows are two-legged beings with huge udders on their chests which ones certainly will give them backache when they get older. Often the stupid cows are blond, but other haircolors too exist.
About sunshine and warmth; when it is warm weather it is best being without as much clothes as possible. Especially when one is sunning and then dripping with perspiration run out into the ocean and fling oneself in refreshing waves!




The shortcomings of democracy

The political power and other institutions and actors around the world who embrace the liberal worths cannot be said being fixed and consistent in their decisions and acting. Instead it is arbitrary interests and aims that decide. Governments and other authorities and others in power are actors who are responsible of that the tyranny against the animals can go on. They have the power to act against that animals are suffering  and killed in for example slaughter and animal testing. But despite their power to prohibit that animals are exposed to systematic suffering, they do not do that. Instead they allow the oppression and tyranny against the animals to go on. Certainly they share the general opinion, which is that the animals first and foremost exist in order to serve human interests and are not included in the moral sphere of regard. This blindness and indifference to living beings’ suffering that the western democracies show are a big shortcoming which can not be ignored. It legitimatize such injustices that the persons in authorithy in all of the western democracies cannot be considered being expedient and appropriate for the positions of power that they have and which the people have chosen them to.
In consideration of morality the governments of the liberal, democratic states cannot be considered being more eligible to be in power making decisions than the leaders of states of tyranny are or have been through history. For example Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin are considered as moral unrighteous people who let their arbitrary interests and aims decide their acting. The result was that several people were suffering within the Holocaust where Hitler’s aim was to exterminate the Jews by execute them or forcing them to be working in the concentration camps until they died. The Holocaust was a systematic killing and exploitation of innocent individuals which can be placed on a level the same as the animal oppression. Jews who were exploited and killed in the Nazi concentration camps with purpose to satisfy the Nazi’s interests to get rid of them. Animals who are exploited and killed in the researchers’ laboratories and in the slaughter houses with purpose to satisfy society’s interests. By their political power Hitler and the Nazis legitimatized the annihilation of the Jews, and today they are considered as criminals who’s deeds were wrong, horrible and moral unright. Every state’s ruler who allow the animal-oppressing activities should be considered in the same way; as criminals who’s decisions and actions are wrong and moral unright.
Neither the direct actors who are researchers, people within the slaughter activities, hunters and others who are part of the oppression against the animals can be considered in any other way than as people who commit moral unrights and criminal actions. Many researchers who do experiments with animals claim that it is not cruelty to animals they are doing, but they do not deny that the animals are suffering from the experiments. They claim that cruelty to animals is something else like the meaningless thing of hurting and injuring animals for pleasure. Accordingly researchers mean that the suffering that animals experience when they are exposed to experiments and testing in the laboratories are not cruelty to animals since the suffering leads to advantages for humans, whereas it is cruelty to animals when animals are suffering because of meaningless reasons. The ones who are of that opinion obviously do not realize that if an animal is suffering it is cruelty to animals no matter if the purpose with the suffering leads to advantages for humans as for example production of medicine or a sadist’s pleasure of injuring animals. The purpose is of no importance, but instead it is the animal’s experience of suffering which is of importance.
There are no rules that prohibit animal testing, and because of that it is claimed that it cannot be wrong or criminal doing animal testing. Neither dispatching animals to slaughter and hunting animals are of the same reasons wrong, it is considered; there are no rules that prohibit that. In a similar way the doctors, the guards of the concentration camps and other Nazis in Germany justified their actions. They performed cruel experiments and executed several Jews and other prisoners of the concentration camps and justified this actions by claiming that they just did their duty and their work. Accordingly they were following orders and did not take responsibility for their actions. In a similar way researchers, butchers and other persons of the food manufacturing industry, hunters and other actors of the animal oppression are following orders. They do what is expected of them and provide society with the things it wants. But their actions include exposing animals to suffering and death, so accordingly they are immoral and criminal actions which make every researcher, butcher, hunter and any other else actor who has a part of the oppression against the animals to an unrighteous person who cannot be considered in any other way than as a criminal no matter how righteous he or she in other respects are.
From this it appears that it would be better and more fair with some kind of guardianship rather than democracy. A guardian in form of a morally good elite. Someone or someones who share my view and who would strive for the best for every living, sentient being. Living beings would be afforded regard and rights that would be inviolable. In that way decisions and laws never would be unfair and wrong like they can be in the democratic process. As we all know it is very obvious that the general public and the elected ones in power lack moral uprightness and justice and accordingly are not appropriate to make decisions upon living, sentient beings’ lives as they do when they allow that animals are tormented and killed.







Every little being should be a friend

It is claimed, amongst others by United Nations with their principles and the Declaration of Human Rights, that it is reason enough being a human to be included in the moral sphere of regard and being entitled rights. That is to say that human beings have an inner worth that consists of the specific human qualities such as reason, rationality and a moral sense. Animals more or less lack these qualities, and above all it is this fact that has been keeping them and still is keeping them outside the moral sphere of regard.

Through history it generally has been considered there are no moral obligations taking regard to animals interests, and that they should not be ascribed rights on the same conditions as humans. Generally it is considered that animals’ lives and suffering are lesser important than human suffering. But the importance of preventing suffering and death does not diminish because of the fact that the individual who is suffering or killed does not belong the human species. The principle of equality has to be applied to concern every living being. Whether an individual should be given regards is not going to be decided by qualities and characteristics such as the number of legs, the grade of intelligence or the ability of thinking reasonably. What justifies regards is the ability to suffer and feel. These ones are the most fundamental characteristics of living beings. Just like human beings animals have faculty to suffer and feel, and that is the strongest reason to why they should be shown the same regard as humans are shown. So accordingly, animals interests of escaping suffering from animal testing and slaughter should be put before humans’ interests of scientific progresses and of satisfying their taste buds.

United Nations and their democratic societies claim that rights, such as the right to life, prohibition against torture and other cruel treatment, and prohibition against discrimination, will be respected and granted every human, which means that disregard due to sex, ethnicity, grade of intelligence or other qualities and characteristics may not be done. That is to say, UN and its states want to work for promoting of rights for every individuals independent of their qualities and characteristics, but yet they ignore big injustices just by individual- and qualities-related reasons. That is what they do when they do not grant other beings, which are the animals, respect and regard on the same conditions as humans.

Several animals are killed and exposed to suffering for example within the activities within slaughter respectively animal testing. The animals are denied the right to life when they are slaughtered. Animal testing is a form of grave torture since it is expressed in a very similar way; animals are exposed to electricity, are scalded and burned just like human beings have been exposed to during grave torture. FN claims that torture always is wrong and never may occur, but this resitance against torture accordingly intend only when it concerns human beings. Obviously FN is not against the act of torture itself and the suffering it bring about since it is allowed that animals are exposed to painful and tormenting experiments very like torture. This is a form of double standard of morality by FN and its states. If it is claimed that the difference is that in one case human beings are suffering and in the other case animals one has to explain why difference of species can make any moral difference of the two groups treatment. If it is wrong to cause suffering, it is wrong no matter who is suffering. An individuals ethnicity, sex, grade of intelligence and other qualities and characteristics are irrelevant characteristics for moral rights as well as belonging to species is.

Every living being should be treated with equal regard. The world should be a place full of happiness where every being is a friend.




Purify your body, purify your soul

Food is something that most beings love, and also I do that. There is almost no food I do not like. If one is slim and slender as I am, almost every eatable thing tastes wonderfully. The food-interesting ”master cooks” who are participating in TV-shows should think of that. If one is thin and really hungry the sense of taste becomes more intensive and the appetite so much greater. Many of these cooks, and many other people too, are overweighty and certainly half-full up and gorged the whole days and because of that they cannot appreciate the food as much as they would have done if they had been thinner and hungrier. These cooks’interests in food would get completely new dimensions with the simple spice hunger.
Sometimes I become overwhelmed by a vehement will of eating every delicious food that exists, but more or less that is impossible, so I have chosen the absolute most delicious food and eat of it. This food is raw, crispy white cabbage which I dip in sauce, oranges, apples, berries, processed sour milk, cacao, Lidl’s wonderful Mister Choc (chocolate spread cream), salted peanuts and candy and sometimes leftovers of cooked food. I love this food, and most of all the oranges, the apples and the chocolate spread cream since I like the sweet taste and never ever would want to exclude sugar from the food like many diets recommend one to do, among others LCHF and the GI-method. Instead they recommend lots of protein from meat, fish and chicken. But that direction of eating is wrong. People should not be exhorted to eat meat, fish and chicken. Very few people think it is wrong eating these food stuffs, but everyone who eats meat from animals is a part of the comprehensive oppression and tyranny of the animals. If instead people would choose vegetarian food many animals would escape the cruel, systematic slaughter. Besides that the vegetarian food are healthy, while meat unlike that contains much of things that should be avoided, amongst other things cholesterol and saturated fat. Vegetarians are lesser stricken with overweight, fatness, high blood pressure, heart- and vessel diseases and diabetes. A vegetarian based diet protects against cancer, while red meat increases the risk. Besides that, on average, vegetarians live longer than people who eat meat.
In other words, eating meat contribute to diseases and a shorter life, but even if it did not do that, it would be wrong eating meat since animals shall not have to be offered under any circumstances. As I already have mentioned, people should not be encourage eating meat as many diets, like for an example LCHF encourage them to do. LCHF and many other diets too claim that people shall eat lots of protein like meat and instead diminish carbohydrates. What they mean is that the body needs to be purified from the ”unhealthy” sugar. But that is wrong. Instead people should exclude meat and in that way purify their bodies from too much saturated fat and other unhealthy things, but above all purify their conscience and their souls by not supporting slaughter companies and activities and that suffering and death it implies to several animals.
Human beings do not need meat. Instead they should eat the kind of food which is aimed for them, that is to say fruit, vegetables and other things from the vegetable kingdom. It is very obvious that human beings and other species are aimed to eat of it since many fruits have strong colors and are beautiful, which is because human beings are going to see them, be attracted to them and then, after having smelled the seducing scent of them, eat of them. Fruit is sweet, fresh and delicious and very available in their natural state unlike meat which has to be hunted, cut up and cooked to be eatable. Fruit already is perfect.
The right thing to do is to eat vegetarian food and eliminate meat, as I do, but obviously I know better than most other people. Buying meat is wrong and cannot be justified. The one who does that is a part of the tyranny and oppression against animals since in that way one promotes and supports slaughter activities. Remember that it is more righteous to steal an apple in a store than paying for a piece of meat.









Building a strong body and a clear conscience

The feeling of running on paths, on beaches, in deep sand and through deep snow is a pleasant feeling when one, like I, has a tremendous physical staying power and stamina. Sometimes I do not think it has any bounds at all, since it is so it feels when I am running faster and faster without reaching a state of condition that even resembles exhaustion. My heart is beating lightly, but so very strongly and measured, and every muscle, every ligament and every tendon in my body is lithe and supple. I feel light as a feather and free like a bird. I feel united to the wind.
I love to run, and that is something I have to do every day. It is habit-forming and like a dependence, and as I earlier have mentioned, I run seven kilometres every day. Besides that I walk the same seven kilometres later and I also lifts five – kilos dumbbells. If I did not do that my bodily restlessness would be all too overwhelming and hard to handle.
Yes, dear reader, this is the training one needs to get a superior, persevering and strong body. No other kind of training can be compared to it, just like no diet can be compared to the diet consisting of few foodstuffs that I eat. As I earlier have mentioned this ultimate diet consists of fresh, crispy white cabbage which I dip in sauce, oranges, apples, berries, processed sour milk, cacao, Lidl’s wonderful Mister Choc (chocolate spread), salted peanuts and sometimes candy and some rests of cooked food which I get from my parents. I never cook food myself. This kind of food is the only food one needs to satisfy the taste and mouth and also the body ‘ s need of nourishment. In plausible quantities it is an optimal diet which together with running gives fantastic merits and values, and a body that never is sick or unwell of inflammations, infections, bacterium or other diseases. I eat of this delicious food every day, about 100 gram of white cabbage, a big orange, a big apple, about 100 gram of berries, 2-3 decilitre processed sour milk, about 30 gram of cacao powder, 15-20 gram of peanuts, and about 100 gram of chocolate spread. I eat candy of different quantities due of how much of it I have. That is to say, due to how many pieces I have managed put in my pocket when I am in the food store. Because I never pay for candy. Cooked food do I only eat small amounts of.
This diet together with my running routines and other daily physical activity keeps my taste buds satisfied and my body more or less free from feelings of restlessness, and to my 168 centimetres long body my bodily counts are: total weight: 43-44 kilos, body fat: 8%, body water: 65%, muscles: 39%, bone mass: 6,4 kilos. This is optimal bodily counts. They have to be! The Goblin Elf yet has them! But most other people do not have them, and that is not peculiarly at all. They do not train like the Goblin Elf, they do not eat like the Goblin Elf, they do not live like the Goblin Elf. In short they are not like the Goblin Elf (poor ones).
Certainly there are many people who are doing running regularly, but few ones are such ultimate runners as the Goblin Elf!
But several people are more or less physically passive. Besides that most of them eat wrong things. Many people put their trust to diets that are recommended and said to be ”good”. Many people train and work out in gyms and claim they are particular about what they eat, but why then are they eating so completely wrong? They are very particular about eating much protein and accordingly they eat lots of meat, fish and chicken.
It is obvious that most people within the world of the gym do not think longer or of more than how the muscles will look on their bodies, or simply they have an all too narrow outlook and are all too ignorant to reflect upon that their nice muscles more or less are built of other living beings’ suffering. Living beings like the animals are which bodybuilders and other ones feed their bodies with. Animals who have been deprived their lives, in many cases in cruel ways, so that among other ones these bodybuilders will get the opportunity to gobble down the meat from their bodies. Because that is what they do, gobble down of for example chicken, fish and low-fat meat. And worst of everyone are successful bodybuilders. For example famous so called ”natural” bodybuilders (the ones who claim they do not use anabolic steroids) such as Mike O’Hearn, Rob Riches, Steve Cook, Jeff Seid, Serge Constance, Lazar Angelov, Ulisses jr and James Ellis eat about 8-10 meals a day which are consisted of food like eggs, vegetables, oat, chicken, low-fat fish and meat, rice and gains of vitamins, minerals and protein. (And maybe also anabolic steroids, who knows). They are very particular about eating much protein, and this protein do they get mostly from animal foodstuffs, from animals, at the expense of animals’ lives. So then they gobble down of animal protein despite that it implies suffering and death to several animals. These muscular men maybe know how to use their bodies, but obviously not how to use their brains. Because if they knew that they would think in other ways and realize how wrong it is to feed themselves at the expense of animals. They have bodies like super heroes, but not mentality and brains like super heroes. They have an all too narrow outlook and are just as ignorant as most other people. They are not clear-headed as the Goblin Elf, that is for sure! Certainly they are not born with such a brain as her’s, and it will not be better by the fact that they do not eat sugar. Sugar is the primary source of energy which makes the brain and the body working optimal. But these muscular men eat large amounts of protein, so certainly they become slow, heavy and slow-witted. Unlike they I, the Goblin Elf, is light-weighty, fast and clear-headed!
Protein is considered being very important for the building up of muscles, to keep them and to get an effective fat-burning. But one cannot justfy one’s meat-eating by saying that one needs the protein from the meat to build muscles, just like one cannot justfy meat-eating with the argument that it is well-tasting. There is protein in other foodstuffs too, and besides that the so called ”experts” in health, food and diets are exaggerated claiming the importance of the protein for well-being and building up of muscles. It is not necessary eating that great amounts of protein. I am an excellent example of that. I do not eat much protein but more carbohydrates. I am thin and lean, but in percentages I have a great part of muscles. How do the ”experts” explain that? It is true that can have to do with the fact that I am a superior being who is above everyone else both physically and mentally!
However, those in a leading position within health and the fitnessindustry should not promote and recommend meat-eating. They got possibilities influencing people’s eating habits and choice of food, and accordingly they should exhort people to eat vegetarian food which is the only right diet both for reasons of health and from a moral point of view. By eating vegetarian food people would not only build up a healthy, strong body but also a clear conscience.
Many so called athletes, like for example many successful bodybuilders, say they are driven by challengers like for example the challenge to be stronger and be able to lift heavier. They adopt these challengers by training their bodies by lifting heavy weights. But I wonder if they would dare to tackle the challenge excluding meat from their diets and still being able to keep their bodies strong? If they now really would dare to adopt that challenge, but fail keeping their big muscles and become stronger, yet they would be able building a clear conscience. And yet they always can use anabolic steroids, which is a synthetic substance of the manly hormone testosteron, to enlarge and keep their impressing mass of muscles. Because in a moral point of view it is more right using anabolic steroids than eating meat from animals in order to keep big muscles.
Yes, I really do wonder if the successful people within the bodybuilding- and the fitnessindustry would dare to adopt the challenge being the most beautiful, strongest bodybuilder not eating meat, that is to say, not being part of the cruel exploitation of animals which meat-eating implies. Bodybuilders who do not use anabolic steroids are often called ”natural” which is desirably within the bodybuilding- and fitnessindustry. But what these muscular men instead should strive for is to be supernatural. Do not they want to be like the Goblin Elf; supernatural and superior both physically and mentally? And they can be that by building their muscles and bodies and mentality and whole character on foodstuffs which do not originate from other beings’ suffering and death. This should be the ultimate challenge for them; not just being content being a ”natural” bodybuilder but a superhero, being supernatural having a strong and superior body and mind and not have to exploite other beings’ bodies in order to build up their own body.
However, these successful bodybuilders always can change aim and direction, give up bodybuilding and instead choose another sport that does not require so much building up substances such as protein. Thus they can choose the ultimate sport running. They should know that it is wonderfully being a slender being like the Goblin Elf is. It is fantastic being persevering, never get exhausted but instead being able to run like it feels like flying. It is wonderfully running with legs which are slender and lithe. In the chest the heart is beating strongly and inexhaustibly. It can stand everything; the greatest exertion, the strongest heat, the longest fasting. It is invincible, nothing can crush it.
Bodybuilders really should bear that in mind. Would not that be fantastic being able running like the wind? Indeed I can say they would think that, but I can promise they would think it would be even more fantastic being able running like the Goblin Elf, slender and light as a feather! But being able doing that certainly is something these bodybuilders never are going to be able to do! Barely no one can!
Successful bodybuilders are very muscular and accordingly they certainly also are very strong. Undeniably that must be feeling good possessing such strength (But of course not such a good feeling as being slender and persevering without any bounds at all. Persevering like the Goblin Elf!) If bodybuilders now absolutely feel they want to and have to keep their big mass of muscles and their strength, why not then use it and do something good with it? Why not use it for a good purpose? Act like a hero and make a standpoint and show compassion and take pity on the ones who are unfairly and terribly treated; animals within slaughter and animal testing.
One can read that american bodybuilder Michael O’Hearn, one of the most successful within bodybuilding and the fitnessindustry, is the closest human alive who fits the description being a real-life super hero. He is said being enormously strong and have won several titles within amongst other things bodybuilding and weightlifting and martial arts. His body is so muscular and strong that he many times has been accused of using anabolic steroids and other building up substances since people do not believe it is possible looking like he does on natural way. However, he denies using anabolic steroids or other unnatural substances.
Certainly it is possible being so strong, muscular and beautiful as Mike O’Hearn without using anabolic steroids or other unnatural substances, and for him certainly it also would be possible even without meat in the diet. He probably had a lot more of testosterone in his body than most other men have, because he looks very masculine.
So then he has a body and possess strength like a super hero and besides that he is doing charity by visiting sick people in hospitals with his dog. He let the sick people spending some time with his dog which is good for them and make them feel better mentally. Mike O’Hearn seem to care about these poor people in the hospitals, but why cannot he see the ones who really are suffering? The ones who really are in need of someone making a standpoint for them.
Within health, training and fitness Mike O’Hearn has a great influence and accordingly he has the power to influence people’s attitudes about their way of living their lives. So he should set a good example by becoming vegetarian and exhort other people also being that, and most of everything he should influence and exhort people to receive humane attitudes to animals so that all people who are ignorant and have a narrow outlook open their eyes and see how exposed, suffering and unfairly treated several animals within slaughter and animal testing activities are. All people should make a standpoint for these animals, and in particular Mike O’Hearn. He is said to be the closest human alive who fits the description being a real-life super hero and therefore he should lead other people on the right way concerning their attitudes and acting.
And if it would not help exhorting and telling people how to act and what attitudes they should adopt to animals, he should use his size and tremendous strength and threaten and frighten the persons who are directly involved actors within the systematic animal-oppressing activities such as butchers who kill animals in the slaughter houses and researchers who expose animals to cruel and terrible experiments in the laboratories. If I had his body size, strength and muscles I would do that. Actually I do not think I would be able help myself not taking their lives if that is what it takes to save laboratory animals and slaughter animals from suffering. But of course, Mike O’Hearn and neither other bodybuilders, certainly do not have that ambition saving suffering beings. Most bodybuilders certainly do not have greater ambitions than looking good, I guess. And besides that it is classified being criminal threatening and scaring the life out of people, and Mike O’Hearn and the other potential heroes probably would not escape the police and judiciary. They probably do not have that mentality and that smart mind to succeed doing that. But the Goblin Elf would succeed doing that since her mind and mentality in every ways are superior to Mike O’Hearn ‘s and everyone else ‘s too, just like her body is. But so then after all she is a Goblin Elf, while Mike O’Hearn and other bodybuilders just are men.
But I have to admit that Mike O’Hearn looks like a very beautiful God!!