The most wonderful place

In the world there are beautiful places and I would like to see and experience all of them. There are beautiful, white beaches where I would want to lie basking, caressed by the strong sunshine and by warm winds. When my body is heated up and dripping with perspiration I run out into the glittering, turquoise water and let the waves wash over me. I look out over the endless ocean. Behind me the beach is with its white sand and swaying palms. Everything is fantastic beautiful.

 There are ancient mountains formed by the course of time, and I would like to go there and be standing on rocks looking out over the magnificent landscapes of forests and vallies. I would wander down to the vallies and walk into the huge forests. 

 I dream about rocky, barren coastal landscapes. I would like to be there seeing and hearing the waves roaring and beating on the high rocks.

 I want to run with the wind over big sanddunes. I want to experience snowy mountains and plains that are blinding white in the sunshine. I want to experience the life of the jungle, feeling its moist air on my skin. I dream of living on places where human civilisation is distant. On a tropical island somewhere out in a big ocean where the sand is white and the waves are spuming and where the vegetation consists of luxuriant plants and swaying palms. There is plenty of fruit to eat. It really would be wonderful to live there, I imagine. The whole days basking on the beach and swimming in the turquoise water. Yes, that would be great. But to be there together with him would be wonderfully.

I dream of living in a small house in a barren coastal landscape where the mountains stand tall. Walking there hearing the ocean beating on the rocks and letting my mind and soul unite to the mighty, powerful elements of nature would be lovely. But to live there together with him would be fantastic. Walking there beside him would be wonderful.

 Sometimes I dream of living in a small cottage located in a snowy landscape. In the days watching the white plains of snow and in the night listening to the wind whining and the wolves howling would be great. It would be cold, but yet cosy huddling under blankets inside the cottage. But if he was there with me and I was surrounded by his arms it would be wonderful. 

 There are many places that I would like to go to. I have visited some beautiful places; Crete, Rome and Rimini in Italy, French Riviera, Barcelona, Miami, the beautiful islands Sardinia and Mallorca. Miami is a destination that has much to offer; a long sandy beach and a big exciting city full of luxury and activities. Miami is said to have high crime and lots of drugs, which by many people maybe is considered as something negative, but not by me. I am not attracted to drugs or things like that. And I do not have to be afraid of any criminals or anyone else if I am out going for a walk in the evening which one is warned to do alone in a city like Miami. I just have to run to get away. Which criminal or other person would be able to catch up with me? No one! 🙂 

 The Italian island Sardinia is very  beautiful. There are mountains that stand tall leaning down towards the turquoise, clear water. There are lots of luxury houses and villa in beautiful place Porto Cervo, and there are lots of big and beautiful boats in the harbour, many of them sailed there from other countries. It would be great to live there in one of the houses and in the days spending time on one of the big boats sailing out on the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. Lying there basking in the sun on the deck and then jump into the ocean and take a swim really would be great. I often dream of such lovely days, but if he would be there with me it would be wonderful. 

 I am longing for going to Hawaii and experience the jungle-alike vegetation, the high mountains and above everything the beaches and the huge waves. I would like to learn to windsurf there. It would be a glorious experience standing on a sailboard feeling the winds sweeping around me, but it would be wonderful, completely fantastic if he was standing there behind me.

 I want to visit Loch Ness – the lake located in Scotland. I am very fascinated by the Loch Ness – monster, Nessie as it is called. It is told that Nessie is a prehistoric animal which still is living there in the cold, deep lake since the time of dinosaurs, and sometimes has become glimpsed by people. The mere thought of that makes me excited. Just imagine how very exciting and thrilling it would be to be there in a small boat out on the lake waiting for Nessie to show up! But if he was there with me it would be fantastic wonderfully. No matter the place it would be fantastic everywhere if he was there with me. Nothing would be that wonderful as being in his arms, surrounded by his love. That would be the most wonderful place.