The beautiful wolf

Today most of the human males are not strong and masculine. By own strength they can not do much things, but instead they need lots of means of assistance; weapons, money, technical inventions and other things. All these things have helped them gain domination over big parts of the world, but no matter how great their domination is; these men are not mighty and powerful. What are these so called ”mighty and powerful” men – for example presidents, prime ministers, successful businessmen and others – just being themselves? Not powerful and mighty. They would cut a poor figure and come off badly if their mental and physical strength and ability would be proved, since they do not possess either any exceptional authorithy or exceptional physical strength. The only thing that most of these modern men will do to is paperwork. This fact makes them so very different from the beautiful masculine males of the animal kingdom; lions, wolves, eagles. But then there is the werewolf. He is very masculine and beautiful. I think he is half man and half wolf. When I see him the Elf in me says: ”Goblin, look at the wolf. He is beautiful!”

The Goblin in me says: ”He is a beast of prey! He is an alpha wolf who certainly takes what he wants! And he eats flesh from animals! I don’t like that! I want to fight him!” 

Elf: ”I know, but he is also full of love. Don’t you see that?”

Goblin: ”I don’t want to see that! I don’t want to be like you, Elf, dreaming of him!”

Elf: ”But we have to allow ourselves to dream! We deserve that pleasure for making the world to a better place!”

Goblin: ”You are right! We deserve that pleasure! We deserve everything we want. We are the brilliant Goblin Elf!”

Elf: ”Let us dream and make believe that we are surrounded by his arms and touched by his love!” 💖 💖 💖 



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