Fairy World 

Why do people vote for unqualified persons to govern states and countries? Now recently in USA where people elected Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to candidates for the presidency, and then finally chose Donald Trump to president. I do not understand why people at all vote. How can anyone want to contribute to choose bad, unqualified leaders like all of the world’s political leaders are? That they are unqualified for governing a country is very obvious since they are like so many other people, having a narrow outlook; they do not pay attention to, or care about the most important issues; animal rights. They do not speak or act for the most exposed and oppressed beings; animals in slaughter and animal testing. They have the power to act against the oppression of these animals, but despite their power to prohibit that animals are exposed to systematic suffering, they do not do that. Instead they allow the animal oppression to go on. Certainly they share the general view on animals, which is that animals first and foremost exist in order to serve human interests and are not included in the moral sphere of regard. This blindness and indifference to living beings ‘ suffering that societies show are a big shortcoming which can not be ignored. It legitimatizes such injustices that the persons in authorithy all over the world can not be considered being appropriate for the positions of power that they have and to which people have chosen them. People should not vote for any candidate at all, but instead vote blank, and in that way show and point out how very unqualified candidates for the presidency and others are, and how wrong society is since these candidates and persons are blind for the biggest injustices and cruelties of the world. But obviously people and the general public are just as blind and ignorant as the persons in power. Indeed, people are not like me. I am the brilliant Goblin Elf who would never vote for someone like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush or anyone else of USA:s ex-presidents, and neither would I vote for persons like Angela Merkel, Stefan Löfven or other ”leaders” in the world. It is very obvious that these ex-presidents and other ”leaders” have not been qualified to make USA and the rest of the world to a better place. White men have not succeed to do that, neither have black men nor any woman, because they are unqualified. But a Goblin Elf would succeed to make the world to a better place. So, accordingly, I would vote for the Goblin Elf for President. If the Goblin Elf was President, she would make the world to a better place. A fair place. A Fairy world! If the Goblin Elf was President even just for a day she would act for the most exposed and oppressed ones; the animals, and make them entitled to rights. Rights to life. Rights to not have to be forced to suffer, which would involve that slaughter and animal testing would be forbidden. Everybody would have to be vegetarians and live of delicious food such as fruit, berries, vegetables, peanuts and chocolate; the food the Goblin Elf eats. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Of course it does!

 If the Goblin Elf was President, she also would act against all use of weapons, and work for liquidating of military forces. Do not ”leaders” and people all over the world realize that weapons and military forces only lead to violence and damages? The more dangerous weapons, the greater damages and death. All countries and states would have the use good of disarmament, and they should come to an agreement about total disarmament of military, and introduce weapons ban. In that way USA and the rest of the world would become a peaceful place for everybody. Yes, as everyone certainly realize USA and the rest of the world would be a fantastic place if the Goblin Elf was President. She would do the greatest changes ever. She would do what no ”leader” has had righteousness, courage and will to do. She would make the world to a Fairy World! 💖 

 However, soon or later Donald Trump and other ”leaders” and also the general public all over the world will realize that the Fairy World is the only right world to strive for. Just wait and see!

 But if the Goblin Elf would have been USA:s President she would not want to live in the White House in Washington, but instead in a white luxury villa on a beautiful beach in Florida! She would not have any security staff. The only one that she would have would be a huge wolf. He would be her bodyguard. He would be her everything! He is the only one she needs.💖💙💚💛💜❤