Being caressed by the mighty master

Being caressed by him is wonderful. Lying on a coat feeling his touching affects me enormously. He touches me everywhere he can, and his touching is hot, so hot that it sometimes almost is burning, but yet it is wonderful. My whole body becomes warm. He chases away every feeling of coldness. I become warmer and warmer by his hot touching. I am sweating and I see my heart beating since whole my body begin to pulsate by the warmth. I am feeling united to him. No one can come closer me than he. No one can touch me like he does. In these moments I only live for him, to be touched by him, and it feels like if he exists only for me.

He is the sun, a mighty master who rules over every life. Everything is dependent on him. He gives warmth. He is the mightiest master that has ever existed and ever will do. The only true God. Not in any religion there is any God as mighty as he, the sun, Shamouti, as I call him.

I love the sun, the beautiful, huge ball of fire on the sky. I have dedicated my novel that I am writing, to the sun. In my novel he has the shape of a huge, golden bird but also of a wonderful, powerful man. Lying stretched out in the sun is one of the most wonderful things I know. The skin get a wonderful scent by the sun, sun-scent. To get as much as possible of the sunshine on me, I sun myself wearing only a pair of panties. That is to say I am sunning topless, both on balconies, on beaches here in Sweden and on beaches abroad.
In many countries, for example in many Catholic by the Mediterranean, it is considered being intolerable. But no one can be thinking it is intolerable that I am sunning myself without be wearing a bra. I have no big, grotesque breasts like many other women have. Instead mine are tiny and do not stir even when I am running. Many women want to have big breasts and many men want women who have big breasts. Some women even let operate silicon into their breasts in order to get them bigger. In Hollywood among famous female singers, actresses and other ones it is common. They have money and pay great amounts to get bigger breasts, which is completely unbelievable. How can they pay to get extra weight on their bodies? A weight that hops and jolts when they are moving. They just always have to be wearing a propping bra. I never ever need a bra, and I am never ever even wearing underwear. But bigger breasts and bigger buttocks maybe require propping up underwear.
However, I cannot understand that anyone wants to have big breasts or big buttock. What are they going to have them for? Only stupid cows need an udder. Stupid cows are not the four-legged cloven-hoofed animals. Stupid cows are two-legged beings with huge udders on their chests which ones certainly will give them backache when they get older. Often the stupid cows are blond, but other haircolors too exist.
About sunshine and warmth; when it is warm weather it is best being without as much clothes as possible. Especially when one is sunning and then dripping with perspiration run out into the ocean and fling oneself in refreshing waves!






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