Building a strong body and a clear conscience

The feeling of running on paths, on beaches, in deep sand and through deep snow is a pleasant feeling when one, like I, has a tremendous physical staying power and stamina. Sometimes I do not think it has any bounds at all, since it is so it feels when I am running faster and faster without reaching a state of condition that even resembles exhaustion. My heart is beating lightly, but so very strongly and measured, and every muscle, every ligament and every tendon in my body is lithe and supple. I feel light as a feather and free like a bird. I feel united to the wind.
I love to run, and that is something I have to do every day. It is habit-forming and like a dependence, and as I earlier have mentioned, I run seven kilometres every day. Besides that I walk the same seven kilometres later and I also lifts five – kilos dumbbells. If I did not do that my bodily restlessness would be all too overwhelming and hard to handle.
Yes, dear reader, this is the training one needs to get a superior, persevering and strong body. No other kind of training can be compared to it, just like no diet can be compared to the diet consisting of few foodstuffs that I eat. As I earlier have mentioned this ultimate diet consists of fresh, crispy white cabbage which I dip in sauce, oranges, apples, berries, processed sour milk, cacao, Lidl’s wonderful Mister Choc (chocolate spread), salted peanuts and sometimes candy and some rests of cooked food which I get from my parents. I never cook food myself. This kind of food is the only food one needs to satisfy the taste and mouth and also the body ‘ s need of nourishment. In plausible quantities it is an optimal diet which together with running gives fantastic merits and values, and a body that never is sick or unwell of inflammations, infections, bacterium or other diseases. I eat of this delicious food every day, about 100 gram of white cabbage, a big orange, a big apple, about 100 gram of berries, 2-3 decilitre processed sour milk, about 30 gram of cacao powder, 15-20 gram of peanuts, and about 100 gram of chocolate spread. I eat candy of different quantities due of how much of it I have. That is to say, due to how many pieces I have managed put in my pocket when I am in the food store. Because I never pay for candy. Cooked food do I only eat small amounts of.
This diet together with my running routines and other daily physical activity keeps my taste buds satisfied and my body more or less free from feelings of restlessness, and to my 168 centimetres long body my bodily counts are: total weight: 43-44 kilos, body fat: 8%, body water: 65%, muscles: 39%, bone mass: 6,4 kilos. This is optimal bodily counts. They have to be! The Goblin Elf yet has them! But most other people do not have them, and that is not peculiarly at all. They do not train like the Goblin Elf, they do not eat like the Goblin Elf, they do not live like the Goblin Elf. In short they are not like the Goblin Elf (poor ones).
Certainly there are many people who are doing running regularly, but few ones are such ultimate runners as the Goblin Elf!
But several people are more or less physically passive. Besides that most of them eat wrong things. Many people put their trust to diets that are recommended and said to be ”good”. Many people train and work out in gyms and claim they are particular about what they eat, but why then are they eating so completely wrong? They are very particular about eating much protein and accordingly they eat lots of meat, fish and chicken.
It is obvious that most people within the world of the gym do not think longer or of more than how the muscles will look on their bodies, or simply they have an all too narrow outlook and are all too ignorant to reflect upon that their nice muscles more or less are built of other living beings’ suffering. Living beings like the animals are which bodybuilders and other ones feed their bodies with. Animals who have been deprived their lives, in many cases in cruel ways, so that among other ones these bodybuilders will get the opportunity to gobble down the meat from their bodies. Because that is what they do, gobble down of for example chicken, fish and low-fat meat. And worst of everyone are successful bodybuilders. For example famous so called ”natural” bodybuilders (the ones who claim they do not use anabolic steroids) such as Mike O’Hearn, Rob Riches, Steve Cook, Jeff Seid, Serge Constance, Lazar Angelov, Ulisses jr and James Ellis eat about 8-10 meals a day which are consisted of food like eggs, vegetables, oat, chicken, low-fat fish and meat, rice and gains of vitamins, minerals and protein. (And maybe also anabolic steroids, who knows). They are very particular about eating much protein, and this protein do they get mostly from animal foodstuffs, from animals, at the expense of animals’ lives. So then they gobble down of animal protein despite that it implies suffering and death to several animals. These muscular men maybe know how to use their bodies, but obviously not how to use their brains. Because if they knew that they would think in other ways and realize how wrong it is to feed themselves at the expense of animals. They have bodies like super heroes, but not mentality and brains like super heroes. They have an all too narrow outlook and are just as ignorant as most other people. They are not clear-headed as the Goblin Elf, that is for sure! Certainly they are not born with such a brain as her’s, and it will not be better by the fact that they do not eat sugar. Sugar is the primary source of energy which makes the brain and the body working optimal. But these muscular men eat large amounts of protein, so certainly they become slow, heavy and slow-witted. Unlike they I, the Goblin Elf, is light-weighty, fast and clear-headed!
Protein is considered being very important for the building up of muscles, to keep them and to get an effective fat-burning. But one cannot justfy one’s meat-eating by saying that one needs the protein from the meat to build muscles, just like one cannot justfy meat-eating with the argument that it is well-tasting. There is protein in other foodstuffs too, and besides that the so called ”experts” in health, food and diets are exaggerated claiming the importance of the protein for well-being and building up of muscles. It is not necessary eating that great amounts of protein. I am an excellent example of that. I do not eat much protein but more carbohydrates. I am thin and lean, but in percentages I have a great part of muscles. How do the ”experts” explain that? It is true that can have to do with the fact that I am a superior being who is above everyone else both physically and mentally!
However, those in a leading position within health and the fitnessindustry should not promote and recommend meat-eating. They got possibilities influencing people’s eating habits and choice of food, and accordingly they should exhort people to eat vegetarian food which is the only right diet both for reasons of health and from a moral point of view. By eating vegetarian food people would not only build up a healthy, strong body but also a clear conscience.
Many so called athletes, like for example many successful bodybuilders, say they are driven by challengers like for example the challenge to be stronger and be able to lift heavier. They adopt these challengers by training their bodies by lifting heavy weights. But I wonder if they would dare to tackle the challenge excluding meat from their diets and still being able to keep their bodies strong? If they now really would dare to adopt that challenge, but fail keeping their big muscles and become stronger, yet they would be able building a clear conscience. And yet they always can use anabolic steroids, which is a synthetic substance of the manly hormone testosteron, to enlarge and keep their impressing mass of muscles. Because in a moral point of view it is more right using anabolic steroids than eating meat from animals in order to keep big muscles.
Yes, I really do wonder if the successful people within the bodybuilding- and the fitnessindustry would dare to adopt the challenge being the most beautiful, strongest bodybuilder not eating meat, that is to say, not being part of the cruel exploitation of animals which meat-eating implies. Bodybuilders who do not use anabolic steroids are often called ”natural” which is desirably within the bodybuilding- and fitnessindustry. But what these muscular men instead should strive for is to be supernatural. Do not they want to be like the Goblin Elf; supernatural and superior both physically and mentally? And they can be that by building their muscles and bodies and mentality and whole character on foodstuffs which do not originate from other beings’ suffering and death. This should be the ultimate challenge for them; not just being content being a ”natural” bodybuilder but a superhero, being supernatural having a strong and superior body and mind and not have to exploite other beings’ bodies in order to build up their own body.
However, these successful bodybuilders always can change aim and direction, give up bodybuilding and instead choose another sport that does not require so much building up substances such as protein. Thus they can choose the ultimate sport running. They should know that it is wonderfully being a slender being like the Goblin Elf is. It is fantastic being persevering, never get exhausted but instead being able to run like it feels like flying. It is wonderfully running with legs which are slender and lithe. In the chest the heart is beating strongly and inexhaustibly. It can stand everything; the greatest exertion, the strongest heat, the longest fasting. It is invincible, nothing can crush it.
Bodybuilders really should bear that in mind. Would not that be fantastic being able running like the wind? Indeed I can say they would think that, but I can promise they would think it would be even more fantastic being able running like the Goblin Elf, slender and light as a feather! But being able doing that certainly is something these bodybuilders never are going to be able to do! Barely no one can!
Successful bodybuilders are very muscular and accordingly they certainly also are very strong. Undeniably that must be feeling good possessing such strength (But of course not such a good feeling as being slender and persevering without any bounds at all. Persevering like the Goblin Elf!) If bodybuilders now absolutely feel they want to and have to keep their big mass of muscles and their strength, why not then use it and do something good with it? Why not use it for a good purpose? Act like a hero and make a standpoint and show compassion and take pity on the ones who are unfairly and terribly treated; animals within slaughter and animal testing.
One can read that american bodybuilder Michael O’Hearn, one of the most successful within bodybuilding and the fitnessindustry, is the closest human alive who fits the description being a real-life super hero. He is said being enormously strong and have won several titles within amongst other things bodybuilding and weightlifting and martial arts. His body is so muscular and strong that he many times has been accused of using anabolic steroids and other building up substances since people do not believe it is possible looking like he does on natural way. However, he denies using anabolic steroids or other unnatural substances.
Certainly it is possible being so strong, muscular and beautiful as Mike O’Hearn without using anabolic steroids or other unnatural substances, and for him certainly it also would be possible even without meat in the diet. He probably had a lot more of testosterone in his body than most other men have, because he looks very masculine.
So then he has a body and possess strength like a super hero and besides that he is doing charity by visiting sick people in hospitals with his dog. He let the sick people spending some time with his dog which is good for them and make them feel better mentally. Mike O’Hearn seem to care about these poor people in the hospitals, but why cannot he see the ones who really are suffering? The ones who really are in need of someone making a standpoint for them.
Within health, training and fitness Mike O’Hearn has a great influence and accordingly he has the power to influence people’s attitudes about their way of living their lives. So he should set a good example by becoming vegetarian and exhort other people also being that, and most of everything he should influence and exhort people to receive humane attitudes to animals so that all people who are ignorant and have a narrow outlook open their eyes and see how exposed, suffering and unfairly treated several animals within slaughter and animal testing activities are. All people should make a standpoint for these animals, and in particular Mike O’Hearn. He is said to be the closest human alive who fits the description being a real-life super hero and therefore he should lead other people on the right way concerning their attitudes and acting.
And if it would not help exhorting and telling people how to act and what attitudes they should adopt to animals, he should use his size and tremendous strength and threaten and frighten the persons who are directly involved actors within the systematic animal-oppressing activities such as butchers who kill animals in the slaughter houses and researchers who expose animals to cruel and terrible experiments in the laboratories. If I had his body size, strength and muscles I would do that. Actually I do not think I would be able help myself not taking their lives if that is what it takes to save laboratory animals and slaughter animals from suffering. But of course, Mike O’Hearn and neither other bodybuilders, certainly do not have that ambition saving suffering beings. Most bodybuilders certainly do not have greater ambitions than looking good, I guess. And besides that it is classified being criminal threatening and scaring the life out of people, and Mike O’Hearn and the other potential heroes probably would not escape the police and judiciary. They probably do not have that mentality and that smart mind to succeed doing that. But the Goblin Elf would succeed doing that since her mind and mentality in every ways are superior to Mike O’Hearn ‘s and everyone else ‘s too, just like her body is. But so then after all she is a Goblin Elf, while Mike O’Hearn and other bodybuilders just are men.
But I have to admit that Mike O’Hearn looks like a very beautiful God!!



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