Light like a feather

The lighter one is, the lighter everything becomes. As I previously mentioned I am very light-weighty; 167 centimetres tall and weigh 44 kilos. This make it very easy for me to run. I feel light like a butterfly and free like a bird, like one with my own body. That is a wonderful feeling which most people certainly never ever have experienced. But many people are of the opinion that I weigh too little, that I am thin and they think I am suffering from an eating disorder. By all means they can consider my eating behavior being abnormal. However, it is different from their ”normal” eating with breakfast, lunch and dinner and the two indispensable snacks between the meals to keep the blood sugar on an even level so they do not fall for the fearful sugar pitfalls that are everywhere. But I am not suffering from an eating disorder. I am enjoying one. Hunger leads to a euphoric state and is a pleasant feeling that build up expectation for the dinner that I once a day eat. Most people eat many times a day and destroy the ravenous hunger. People seem to be afraid of being hungry. Most ones consider hunger, fasting and low weight as something negative, but it is not. Fasting during periods is good for the body, and a low weight is good, and not only because it becomes easier to run. It also leads to a longer life. The oldest and most healthy people in the world are aboriginal people who are a little underweighty. A low weight and periodic fasting make the metabolism slow down to low heat. By experts this usually are seen as something negative, and lots of wellness-papers tell about how to hurry up the metabolism and with that the fat-burning. The celebrities in Hollywood prove one method after the other to hurry up their metabolism. But it is not positive with a rapid metabolism and the reason of that simply is that a slow metabolism make the body spare its resources and the functions of the body be slower. In other words the body can be said to go on low heat. In that way organs such as digestive organs and liver are spared since they do not have to work so hard. That is to say, the body and the organs do not be weared out that quickly as they otherwise would have been continuously working harder. A slow metabolism keeps the body young longer. Many people strive for youth. The rich and famous celebrities of Hollywood do lots of things to look young. Among other things they let do plastic surgical operations, and use lots of preparations to hurry up the metabolism in order not to gain weight. But if they want to keep themselves young both on the inside and the outside they shall slow down the metabolism by eating small amounts of calories. Then they do not have to spend money on expensive plastic surgical operations and on other methods. But yet it is possible they think they need to be operated. Obviously everyone is not that content with their look as I am with mine, which is fully understandably; they do not look like me!




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