Running like the wind

I run about seven kilometres every day, and I run faster than everyone else who is out running. One barely can say they are running; they only are jogging. I never clock my running times, but I know I run fast. I feel it by every light step I take, and I see it on how people I meet turn around and look when I pass by them like a wind. It really is wonderful running as I do. No one knows how fast and persevering I am, not even I!

When I am running it feels like I am flying forwards. My legs are light and full of springy muscles and my feet barely graze against the ground, only hasty. In my chest my heart is beating strongly and inexhaustibly. It can stand everything; the greatest exertion, the strongest heat, the longest fasting. It is invincible, nothing can break it.

I run both on roads and in woods where there are lots of rises, but they cannot make me exhausted. Long distances with deep sand or snow are required to make me tired. I am one of the few people who can be called a real and true runner. I run in a different way and significantly lighter than most others. Most other people heavily put their heel first into the ground when they are running, but I lightly place my toe first, which the primitive, persevering human beings long time ago did. It is fantastic being in that condition that I am and having that strong, light body that I have. People, except from maybe elite-runners, cannot even imagine the feeling of having such a body.

I love running, but it has not always been so. During a part of my teenage years I was afraid of running. Never ever in my whole life have I been that afraid of anything as I then was of running. I began running when I was thirteen years old. Daily I ran some kilometres and I soon became more persevering. Soon my body became a runner’s body; I lost weight and became wiry. I ran longer and longer distances,  harder and harder. I became obsessed by running. It kept me calm and my inner growing restlessness controlled.

When I was sixteen years old the whole thing really escalated. Every morning I ran to the verge of exhaustion, not in order to be more persevering, but just for the feeling of exhaustion. The feeling afterwards when I collapsed next to a tree. This became my goal every time I went out running; run so that my lungs burnt and I no longer felt my legs. Rigid with lactic acid they were going to be. Reaching this state of total exhaustion every time I ran – one time in the morning, and one time in the afternoon, became something I just had to do. For me it was required to at all find a little peace physically and mentally day by day. I loved the state of total exhaustion after have being running, and probably it was endorphines that caused this feeling which I became obsessed with. But the other side of this almost inebriating feeling was the terrible state before every time of running. Running was frightening because of the enormous strain and exertion. People who has never experienced such an enormously painful strain cannot even imagine the feeling and the enormous press on oneself running to the verge of exhaustion to at all stand day by day. I feared running, and every morning before I went out running I woke up trembling and often crying for the pain and suffering that waited.

During these years I competed in running a few times and won the competitions I took part of, but also this thing I experienced as scaring since I knew I would press myself to the verge of exhaustion. Besides that the competitions were some kind of duties since one had to be a member of a sport-club to be allowed participating in some of the competitions. Already then I felt caught of having being part of a group and pay regards to other people and what they wanted, so I decided to  never ever more compete again, despite that I knew I could win almost any running race at all.

It took a long time for me to get a harmonious relation to running. I got that by that I fell off my horse, Crona, during a wild gallop and crushed a vertebra in my back so I had to go with a corset for three months and could not run. I got a break from running and missed it very much, more than I ever had thought. But afterwards when the injury in my back was healed and I again started running the whole thing became more relaxed. Mentally I felt calmer and had not the feeling of have to pressing myself so hard to get rid of the restlessness.

The years between sixteen and eighteen years were the most horrible years of my life and I will never ever again have to be living through them again, but I am glad I have been through them. The painfully hard training gave me a fantastic condition and accordingly a superior body where every part is strong and flexible. At all I have never ever been injured by running as most other people who tries to run have been. But I have been injured by that I the summer 2014 fell on a stone on a pathway in the wood, and since I run with such a speed the fall became powerfully and I got big crush-wounds on my knees. I had to sew them and was terrified when the nurses did that since I am afraid of everything that has to do with hospitalities, syringes and pain to do. Soon afterwards the knees swolled up and I barely could bend them at all, and even less walk or run. I had to be still. It was in the middle of the summer, warm and sunny, but I either could run, bath or even walk, only limp. My restlessness became enormous and I cried with despair since I was feeling maimed and as a prisoner in my own body. But little by little the crush-wounds healed and I started running again.

But as mentioned I have never been injured by the running itself, and probably either will be. In other words I can train as much as ever without getting stress injuries and things like that. Who else can do that? That is right, no one! But I can, and that because I am that light-weighty as I am. I am 167 centimetres long and weigh 43-44 kilos. By being that light-weighty as I am I gain the positive sides of running, while other people who are heavier, that is to say most other ones, also many times have to experience negative sides of running. Most people are some time affected by running-injuries, among other things overloading-injuries which are caused by wearing and are developing during long time. One just has to analyze the word ”overloading” and one understand what cause the pain and injuries. Simply when something is too heavy it gets overloaded. The pressure and the weight of someone too heavy for running become too much for knees, hips, and other parts of the body. If one put too much weight in a boat it will sink since it can not stand the loading. It is the same thing about being heavier and run; the body does not stand the loading and react with pain and injuries. A light-weighty runner like me is like a racing-boat that rushes forwards in the water, while a heavier average person having so called ”normal-weight” is like an overloaded boat that sinks and accordingly not can go on forwards!
Except from the risk of injuries that the ”normal-weighty” (read: too heavy to be running) persons run when they are out running, running is the ultimate form of training. Running is an activity which involves the whole body and gives both strength and condition. Few other forms of training involve so many parts of the body or give that much training as running does. Other forms of training instead focus on some specific parts of the body. For example powerlifting only focuses on and trains the muscles, but running trains both muscles, heart and lungs. A muscular person who trains powerlifting barely can call himself well-trained compared to a runner like me. One is well-trained first when condition and staying power are on top.
Also in other respects running is superior to other forms of training. For example running does not require anything more than a pair of shoes, while other forms of training are dependent on a lot of equipment and apparatures and in many cases also specific places and other persons. Running can be done almost everywhere and one is never dependent on anyone else. One is free and independent which I like. I would not stand being dependent on other people to be able to train as for example one is within most ball-sports. There one has to pay regard to others, while within running one runs as one wants, when one wants, where one wants.
Yes, running really is superior to other sports and forms of training. For example, compare running to football. Football is a very popular sport. Many professional football players are earning enormously much money and the football teams they are belonging to are followed and watched by several people all over the world. As a sport for spectators football is much more popular than running, which is unbelievable since running is superior to football in every way! The moment of competition within running; competing of who runs fastest on a certain distance, is significantly more exciting than the running after  ball on a grass square where some player luckily by chance manage put the ball into the goal. Running a race with somebody is a natural form of competition where it is possible measuring who is the winner and the best runner. On the contrary football in fact is just a game where it is really not possible telning who is good or bad, winner or loser since everything just is about chances and circumstances on the square. In other words, it should be running people pay attention to instead of football. Good runners should be paid instead of football players since they strain themselves so enormously much more than football players do. The training is harder and it requires more being a runner than a football player, both mentally and physically. I do not even think that football players seem running much during the matches, but mostly are walking or standing still. But maybe they do not cope with more than that, since they have not that condition and light-weighty body as a runner as I have!

Yes, it really should be so that an ultimate runner as I would be well-paid instead of the so called ”star-players” like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and other ones. Several people all over the world pay homage to them and they are paid enormous wages, but the only thing they really do is running after a ball which they then and then succeed shoot a goal which has to do with the circumstances around and not completely with capability from their side. When a runner achieve a certain time on a certain distance that always has to do with the runner’s ability and not any circumstances around. With their enormous wages the ”star-football players” do not any good, neither on the square nor outside it. With their millions they for example could aid helping saving exposed animals who are suffering terribly within animal testing. The money could go to alternative methods within research so that research with animals could be elimated. But of course these football players do not do that. For example Cristiano Ronaldo needs his money to his big clothes-account. He spend enormously much money on clothes every month. Obviously no cloths suite him since he the whole time has to buy new cloths. Maybe he feels unattractive in most clothes and is searching for something that he can get on well with. A real star would spend the money on other things. A real star would realize that the exposed animals are the most unfairly and most cruel treated individuals in the world and the ones who need to be saved. But a real star is not only physically and sportingly successful but also have a mentality that stands over other peope’s. In other words, a real star thinks a step farther and is a star on every levels, not only on a trivial football square. A real star is someone like me. Someone who is several divisions higher than Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, both physically, mentally and intellectually.

The day I choose to compete in running people will realize that what is really admirably is to fly forwards light as the wind rather than go-run-stumble after a football.





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